Paper Submission

Dear author, in order to accept you submission, you must first comply with our required format, which can be downloaded from: CI2T_Template.docx

We only accept submissions in .DOC or .DOCX with a length of a maximum of 6 pages in the required format, written in English or Spanish. Once ready to submit, please go the next link and follow given instructions: submission system

Submission review process

We will have two phases in submission revision before final approval. First, 2-3 reviewers per submission will give a review; second, once revised submissions have been uploaded the same reviewers will verify updated content according to previous suggestions and comments, once this is verified the paper will be deemed accepted into their respective conferences.

Paper publication

All accepted, and oraly presented, papers will be published in a special issue in [Revista Aristas] with ISSN 2007-9478, indexed in Latindex.

A select few papers, with very high quality and original content, will have the option to be published instead in one of the many Journals from ECORFAN’s catalogue, found at Catalogue Link, but will first have to be extended in length and then passed through a second review process in order to be published. Publications can be either in English or Spanish.